“Thoreau, Gandhi, Schumacher... Over the last century or so, a number of original thinkers have had the audacity to suggest that economics is not only about how humanity satisfies its needs but also about what those needs should be. It appears that they were onto something, for, today, it is precisely excessive human needs that have brought the earth to a state of crisis. If there is to be a way forward, it will likely involve the exemplary rethinking being led by people such as Abhay and Jane at the Pink House.”—Robert Leonard, Intellectual historian and Schumacher scholar, Université du Québec à Montréal

“At a time when so few of us can envision a truly imaginative future, Pink House has found a way. I applaud these efforts and support them as best I can.”—Carol Becker, Writer/Professor/Dean Columbia University

 Here is the thing:

Meditation is the single most important thing you can add to your life.

You sit eyes closed noticing all the physical sensations in your body. The purpose of this exercise is to keep your mind busy!

When the ‘monkey mind’ is kept focused on the body sensations for 20 minutes at a time daily for a year of so, your consciousness will be awakened. 

Consciousness is noticing what you are noticing. It resides outside your body and mind. 



Pink House First Anniversary

  “Pink House on Bohol island, Philippines, is our home, community store, future yoga & meditation center / guest-house, with our public...